The Archaeology of the Thornborough Area

Welcome to the Thornborough section of the APC web site, which aims to provide information on the archaeology around Thornborough Henges.

You can find information on all the archaeological investigations related to Nosterfield Quarry that have taken place, access the original site records and finds lists, browse photographs and view an online GIS (interactive map) displaying the archaeological features, fieldwalking plots etc. (the interactive map is currently unavailable as we are updating the information).

The various archaeological works undertaken on behalf of Tarmac since 1995 are currently being brought together to form a single body of data, which can be accessed through the interactive map on this site. This is a work in progress, and it will obviously take time to assimilate the information collected over such a long period and by a number of different organisations, so please bear with us. We hope that the data will be supplemented by integrating other data sets, such as metal detecting finds, fieldwalking results etc. from other professional and amateur organisations alike.

Please note that the resources available through this site are currently in development. Many past datasets are still to add, and new data will appear as work on site progresses. See Site Map for a brief overview of the web site structure.

Henge: henge Barrow: barrow Standing Stone: standing stone

Sink hole during excavation possible roman kiln or drying oven barb and tang arrowhead The Thornborough cursus beneath the central henge (CUCAP VX10). Sunset over Nosterfield Quarry Roman coin

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